• CAMP SITES - One camper or tent per site. (See management for other
    arrangements - additional fees may apply)
  • SPEED LIMIT – Park speed limit is 10 mph.  This must be observed for safety.
  • QUIET HOURS – are 11:00 PM to 8 AM.  During that time, any noise should not be
    able to be heard beyond the site boundary.
  • COURTESY – Please do not cut through sites.  Excessive noise is not permitted.  
    Music should be played for you, not your neighbor.
  • PETS – Pets must never be left unattended, must be kept on a leash, must be picked
    up after.  No pets are allowed in any buildings.
  • TRASH – All trash must be bagged.  DO NOT LEAVE TRASH ON SITE.  Please put
    bagged trash in trash building at entrance to campground
  • FIREWOOD – No cutting or collecting of trees, standing or downed for any purpose.  
    Beware: Poison Ivy & Poison Oak may be found on property.
  • CAMPFIRES – Campfires are restricted to fire rings only.  Fire rings are not to be
    moved without permission.  Flames can be no higher than 3 feet, and all fires must
    be out before retiring at night.
  •  ALCOHOL – Alcohol beverages must be confined to site only.  No glass containers
    allowed down by creeks.
  • CHILDREN – Parents are responsible for their children’s safety, behavior, and
    whereabouts.  All children should be supervised while on property, and in or near
  • HUNTING – No hunting on campground property.  No discharging of any firearms,
    BB guns, bows & arrows, slingshots, etc. is allowed.
  • VISITORS – ALL visitors must register with the owners BEFORE entering campsites.  
    A Day Use fee will apply.  Overnight visitors must pay applicable camping fees.
  • ATVs – Riding of ATVs on the 18 acre campground area for recreational purposes is
    prohibited. Used to enter and exit campsite and access trails on mountains is
    acceptable.  ATVs are to use roads only for these accesses.  Riding on grass, open
    field, or through other campsites will not be tolerated.
  • RVs/CARS – NO washing of cars, trucks, ATV’s or RVs on campground.  NO playing
    with water spickets.
  • RESPONSIBILITY – The management accepts no responsibility for theft or loss of
    any articles or damage caused by fire, wind, accidents, or vandalism.
  • WARNING – The management reserves the right to evict, without prior notice, anyone
    who fails to obey  any campground rules, or who management deems is acting in an
    inappropriate manner, creating a disturbance or being a nuisance.
  • CHECK-IN / CHECK-OUT – Check-in/Check-out time is 2 PM.  Earlier check-in or
    later check-out may be available.  Check with owners.
                                                           PLEASE READ...
Camp Copperhead has done everything possible to assure that our guests have a happy, enjoyable stay with us.  We wish to inform
our guests that camping and outdoor recreation is not risk free.  Physical exertion, personal decisions, natural hazards and even
Mother Nature can cause loss or damage to equipment, injury, illness, and in some extreme cases, permanent trauma or death.  
These hazards include, but are not limited to, tree limbs, insects, vermin, noxious plants such as poison ivy, waterways, and mountain
trails.  We do not want to put a damper on your enthusiasm for the camping experience, but we do want you to know in advance what to
expect, and to be informed of some of the possible risks.  Coming prepared, being safety conscious, and using common sense
should make your stay with us fun, relaxing, and memorable.

Please note the following rules and reminders…

* All visitors must check-in
with owners. A nominal fee may apply.
* Any toy or apparatus that requires continual water
 flow or excessive water use is not allowed.
* No outdoor electric rotisseries or spit cookers.
* Any electrical item such as but not limited to, refrigerators, freezers, heating units, A/C units, fans, or lights not considered original or
standard  equipment in the camping unit or for tent camping, will incur an additional charge.  The
owners must be notified at time of
check-in if any of these items will be used.
* All campers and guests must have fun, play nice, make friends, breath fresh air, and take home great memories.

Cathy, Vicki, Lucy, Codee, and Dixie want to thank you for staying with us at Camp Copperhead.  We really appreciate you searching us
out and coming to visit.  We hope your experience here is a happy, memorable one, and when you leave, we wish you a safe trip home
and hope you’ll come back again real soon and bring your friends!
                              * GENERAL INFORMATION *
Season:  May 1st to Nov. 1st
Only the equipment listed on the Seasonal Camping contract may be placed on the assigned site, no earlier than May 1st.  All
equipment will be removed from the site by you, no later than November 1st. (Unless other arrangements have been made and
approved by management in advance of such date).

Use of Seasonal Campsite: This campsite is not to be used on a full-time basis.  Seasonal use is defined as every Friday, Saturday,
& Sunday during the ‘Season’ plus 3 to 4 full weeks within the seasonal dates.  

Persons Allowed to Use Seasonal Campsite: Seasonal price includes two (2)adults (17 & older) and two (2) children (under 17).  
immediate family members (max 8) will be priced per ‘Additional Fees’ section.  Only the individuals listed on the
Seasonal Camping contract may use the seasonal campsite/camper under this arrangement.

Grey Water and Black Water Disposal: All grey water hookups are to be no larger than a standard water hose and placed in the
provided disposal tube on site.  Black water disposal is provided at the campground Dump Station by the main entrance or by free
use of the campground Dump Tote.

Use of Trails:  Seasonal Camping packages include the use of campground trails (during season duration) at no extra charge
(except on Trial Ride days), for all individuals listed on the Seasonal Camping contract.  Any trail use requires a waiver to be signed.

Storage After Nov.1st:  All Seasonal Camping contracts include off-site storage of the unit until May 1st of the following season.  
Storage site will be assigned by management prior to Oct. 31st.  If seasonal package is not renewed and
paid for in full by March 1st
of the next season the unit must be removed from the campground property no later than May 1st.
                              *SEASONAL CAMPING PACKAGE *
      RULES and REGULATIONS(In addition to the General Campground Rules & Reqs.)

1.        One camper or camping unit per site.  See management if other arrangements are needed.
2.        No hitch locks are allowed unless a key for such lock is left with management for season duration.
3.        Site will be kept clean, free of any trash, and kept clear so that management is able to mow grass as close as possible.  Any
items stored under unit or any hoses or cords left out on grass will not be moved while mowing.  You will be responsible for keeping
the grass cut around these objects.
4.        Maximum of two vehicles are allowed per site and may park on site if not blocking or impeding another site.  
5.        Any items requiring electric hookup that are not standard, original equipment on the camper must be approved by
management in advance (ex: extra lights, heaters, A/C units, fans, rotisseries, refrigerators, etc.).  If approved, each item  will incur an
additional fee (see ‘Additional Fees’ section).  One set of low wattage decorative outdoor lights will be allowed at no extra cost.
6.        While camper is unoccupied,
ALL electrical items (ex: A/C, Fans, Lights) will be turned off and/or unplugged EXCEPT the
refrigerator.  If not complied with, management will shut electric off to unit.
7.        All water slides, water toys, or any apparatus that requires continual water flow are not allowed.
8.        All visitors must register with the
owners BEFORE going to sites.  No visitor parking is allowed on sites, visitors must park in
parking lot or in areas designated by management.  Day Use and/or Overnight visitors’ fees apply to all visitors (see ‘Additional
Fees’ section).
9.        There is no trash pick-up on site.  All trash must be bagged and is to be placed in the trash building located at the
campground entrance.  NO TRASH is to be left on site.
10.        No Refunds.
11.         All other Rules and Regulations of Camp Copperhead apply to the Seasonal Campers unless noted otherwise.
Here comes the boring stuff...
Nobody wants to read it but everybody needs to know it!!
                      * NOTICE OF ADDITIONAL FEES *


Day Visitors:  $3. each person
NOTE: Day visitors are those individuals who come on property to see or visit other campers and/or
to use our facilities WITHOUT staying overnite.  Day visitors
does not include use of trails or bringing
an ATV on property.

Day Visitors with ATVs:  $10.each ATV (includes 2 riders)
                                     $5. each additional rider
NOTE: Day visitors with ATV's MUST sign waivers
BEFORE using trails.

**Overnight visitors must pay applicable camping fees prior to staying over.

Additional Family Members (Seasonal Package only) (max 6): $10. each child
                                                                                                                 $25. each adult    

Additional Electrical Equipment: $2. per day / per item
Equipment such as but not limited to: Refrigerator, A/C Unit, Fan, Spit Rotisserie, Roasting Pan,
                Lights, Heater, Freezer, or any other equipment that management deems not
                      original or standard camping equipment.
It looks like alot of
rules & reqs. but it
really isn't.  Just some
stuff for everyone's
comfort and safety,
with alot of common
sense stuff thrown in.

We're really very
laid-back and easy
going here.  We just
want everyone to have
fun, be safe, and make
some friends!